Piano Theatre

Awards And Festivals

  • National Theatre Award and Festival «Golden Mask»
  • 10th Russian festival of theatric art for children «Arlekin»



«I had seen the work of PIANO already in 1992 at the World’s Children’s Theatre Festival in Antalya, Turkey, where I was invited to lead a workshop for children. It was such an impressive performance that immediately after the congress I tried to find more information about this fantastic theatre. Happily, I met the director Vladimir Chikishev in Lingen (Germany) during a Children’s Theatre symposium later in the same year and was able to express to him my deep respect for his excellent, highly artistic work with deaf children and young people. I have since seen their performances also here in Finland, where they were invited several times into Children’s Theatre festivals to give their inspiring performances. Every time they received – with good reason! – very praising feed back from the audience, press critics and judges. As an ex-officer of IDEA, with the longest possible career in the board (in EC 1995-2001; in GMC 2001-2007 and in AC 2007-2013) I can ensure that the work of Vladimir Chikishev and his PIANO theatre is a brilliant example of the possibilities, how theatre can bring all kinds of children and young people to work and create together.»

Tintti Karppinen
drama teacher,
18 years an Elected officer of IDEA
and still the official delegate of FIDEA in IDEA