Piano Theatre

Awards And Festivals

  • National Theatre Award and Festival «Golden Mask»
  • 10th Russian festival of theatric art for children «Arlekin»



«I am happy to be a referee for the membership of Vladimir Chikishev of Russia. I met Vladimir in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1996 at the World Festival of Children’s Theatre, where his theatre troupe, PIANO, performed at the festival. It was clear that Vladimir is a special theatre educator and mentor to the children. The performance level was very high and he was very much appreciated and revered by the children. We talked a lot about his work with children, and I learned a lot from him. We have met several more times since and our professional relationship has grown. I have invited PIANO to come to Canada as a special guest troupe, as part of our World Festival of Children’s Theatre in June 2016. We are in the process of arranging performances outside of the festival for PIANO, because I feel that Vladimir’s work with the children should be seen more widely, both within and outside the deaf community.»

Ron Dodson
Retired teacher,
Artistic Director of the AITA World Festival of Children’s Theatre